About - Susmit Dey Photography

I believe strongly in the art of Photography being the ultimate synergy of technology, instinct, creativity and an eye for fine and subtle images. With twenty four years of experience out of which eighteen have been spent shooting in the Middle East, I have gathered an in-depth knowledge of the profession to meet any requirement under the most exacting professional standards. Specialized in Aerial Photography, a helicopter flight with doors wide open and the wash from the overhead rotors gives me as much pleasure as looking through the lens. The thrill is identical.

My world is real, so whatever illusions I may create, my feet are firmly on the ground along with my client’s requirements. Merging highly creative images with technical assistance to transform ordinary subjects to the extraordinary, bringing the inanimate alive with the romance of colours, precision of angles give me enormous professional satisfaction.

Having flown countless helicopter flights all over the UAE shooting the latest developments I have also captured the timeless beauty of Arabian desertscapes. Although recognised as an Aerial photographer, I have worked with a variety of subjects, from the bizarre to the pin sharp advertising subjects, architecture to interiors, industrial drama, hospitality, fashion, lifestyle, still life, table tops, food, jewellery and landscapes.

With a long list of clients from the region who have used my services on a regular basis, nothing is too difficult or complicated and no location is beyond reach.


I relate very well to people anywhere and never quit before having given the best.


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